Nice for What

by Sunny McGaughey


Drake’s annual summer banger is allowing a lot of us bitches to deservedly act up. Telling us to be nice for What is something we needed to hear, especially from a man. Women are always expected to be nice to everyone but ourselves. Be nice to the people at our jobs even if their jerks that don’t listen to our ideas. Be nice to men even when they speak to us in disrespectful and (usually always unwarranted) sexual ways. Be nice to strangers even when their not warm (smile baby, don’t look so mean). We’re always being fucking nice. He also brings to point how we do it all while looking good and most of us never get the attention that we deserve (shit low key makes me tear up cause it’s so real). I hope like other rap songs men listen to that talk about foreigns (cars and women 🙄), diamonds, and drugs (yes, I am so aware that there are other hip-hop songs with other themes) that this one resonates. That the words begin to sink into the subconscious so they can know that women don’t HAVE to be nice to you (surprise surprise fellas).

On the ironic side of this post, I’m absolutely wearing a vintage inspired tee from the brand, Dude Be Nice. Which is not too contrary seeing as how I believe the brand applies to human kind in general. Which, I am in complete agreement with. A lot of times we forget to just be nice to people because we don’t know what they’re going through at that present moment. However, women, forget about it were good as we are (lol jk, but just kind of). Hey, Life is the biggest. contradiction to me so I’m not to worried about this post being one either 😉. 


With Love, 


P|C & Concept: @MoneyGray  


Shirt: Dude Be Nice  

Pants: Free People

Hat: Brixton