by Sunny McGaughey

Sweater , Top Shop Jamie  Jeans , Pom Pom Jean  Heels , Henri Bendel Bag ( similar ),  Sunglasses

Sweater, Top Shop Jamie Jeans, Pom Pom Jean Heels, Henri Bendel Bag (similar), Sunglasses

I've been so incredibly anxious lately. I don't know if it's because the first quarter of the year is almost over or if a big milestone - ahem - birthday is coming up, but ya girl has been feeling out of line lately. Alignment is so important for our life and sanity and I am just not with it lately.  I feel like I look around and everyone is light years ahead of me. I know one can't compare, but I'm a firm believer that a person must be hard on themselves to accomplish anything of importance. So, from that, I do think I could do way more in every aspect of my life. I think this is more so of a mind barf to pull my own card to start to get on top of my shit. Because if you don't check yourself - who will?

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